Creating a clever campaign
that appeals to turf fanatics

As the Associate Creative Director for Mighty, Sydney, I was asked by Syngenta – one of the world’s largest agrochemical companies – to promote their products with golf course professionals.

My team and I visited golf courses across NSW, interviewing numerous greens supervisors and discovering their passion for the perfect green. We tapped into this passion by coming up with a campaign around the insight: Protect your Turf.

A highlight of the campaign was our TVC which saw greenskeepers as khaki-clad soldiers charging across a fairway, like on a battleground. The military flavour was continued in a distinctive range of merchandise we designed to be given out as swag to Syngenta customers and at trade shows.

Syngenta was very pleased with the broad attention the campaign received, and the subsequent increase in turf-product sales. They also appreciated the way the campaign could be easily adapted for numerous communication platforms, ranging from social media and web, to banner art and press.

Client: Syngenta
CD: Huw Morris @ Mighty
Jr. Art Director: Manon Drielsma
Sr. Copywriter: Stephen Lacey

Director: Marcus Joseph
Cinematographer: Dale Bremner
Production Designer: Eleanora Steiner
Composer: Jonny Higgins
Sound Design: Dominic Downing
Colourist: Matt Campbell
Drone Operator: Ollie Davies
Focus Puller: Eamon Dimmitt
Set Dresser: Imogen Walsh
Gaffer: Richard Hawkins
Hair & Make-Up: Dominique Hassarati
Runners: Michael Odewahn-Oxley & George Miate
Actors: Alfred Wyatt, Lawrence Ola, Izaak Love, Dom Cotton