A revolution in healthcare, driven by Artificial Intelligence

Harrison.ai is a healthcare technology start-up driven by artificial intelligence and based in Sydney (although the staff work remotely all across Australia). Their mission is to help one million patients every single day. The company was founded in 2019 by brothers Aengus and Dimitry Tran. Harrison.ai sees the inequality and capacity of the healthcare system as one of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century, especially in the field of clinical diagnoses.

There are two divisions of Harrison.ai:

(i) Annalise.ai: A partnership with I-MED Radiology to develop comprehensive solutions across radiology modalities. Their first product (Annalise CXR) is the world’s most comprehensive AI clinical decision-support solution for chest x-rays, and is already in use by more than 350 radiologists in Australia.

(ii) Franklin.ai: A partnership with Sonic Healthcare with a goal to put an AI powered tool in the hands of pathologists globally. Franklin.ai brings their DBI knowledge to the table, while Sonic brings their access to top diagnostic specialists across the globe. It’s a perfect partnership and one that has the potential to revolutionise the medical landscape.

Harrison.ai invited me to create a series of engaging news stories to coincide with their website launch. These stories were to achieve three aims: Firstly, to attract the best talent available; secondly, to position the company as a thought-leader and expert in artificial intelligence; and finally, to attract funding through venture capital.

To write the stories I needed to interview various employees across harrison.ai, franklin.ai and annanlise.ai, about their role at the company and how it contributes to the overall mission. The employees included the CEO; a software engineer; Chief People & Culture Officer; and the Head of Applied A.I. Much of the dialogue comprised heavy biomedical jargon, and A.I tech-speak. To make the stories readable for the average person, I was required to de-jargonise the interviews, but without dumbing them down.

Harrison.ai is well on their way to making equitable healthcare a reality for all.